Greta Galasevičienė

Physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor - osteopath


2014 - Medical Doctor, LSMU (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences)

2014-present - Osteopathy Specialist, specializing in somatic visceral abdominal osteopathy and the influence of central nervous system disorders on the gastrointestinal tract and defecation consequences of coccyx injuries. Postgraduate Medical Studies Institute, Latvian University.


2017-present - FMR (Functional Medicine and Rehabilitation) doctor specializing in musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. Department of Ambulatory Rehabilitation, LSMU Hospital of Rehabilitation

2017-2020 - Lecturer at LSMU (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences) for Rehabilitation, Kinesiotherapy, and Occupational Therapy programs, conducting lectures and seminars on manual therapy and application of physical factors in rehabilitation. Formation of clinical skills for FMR residents, consulting patients with musculoskeletal disorders.


European Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Lithuanian Pain Society

LSMU SMD Alternative Medicine Club, Rehabilitation Club member, "Šviesuva" student educator.

Actively presents papers at various joint conferences on osteopathy, promoting it as a science and treatment method. Participates in numerous conferences and seminars on osteopathy and rehabilitation topics.