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About us

MED Academy M/A Lithuania is a professional development training academy dedicated to doctors, focused on scientific, functional, and holistic medicine. Our training programs integrate the latest scientific advancements with the concepts of functionality and holistic thinking in healthcare practice.

We believe that professional development for doctors is an ongoing, systematic process that spans all stages of their careers and ensures successful performance. Our exceptional training program is designed to enhance healthcare service skills and incorporate functional medicine knowledge into daily practice, with the goal of optimizing the work of doctors.

At our academy, you'll meet a team of highly qualified medical professionals who will guide you in your growth and the development of new skills in the field of medicine.

  • We prioritize hands-on, practical training rather than just theoretical knowledge, as we believe that simulating complex clinical situations and decision-making is always a valuable experience.


  • All our training programs are accredited and provide opportunities to earn necessary professional development hours. We securely store certificates in a digital database and send them to doctors at their convenience in a timely and convenient format.


  • Transparency, objectivity of information, and scientific reliability are our core values. Therefore, our training programs are not influenced or sponsored by pharmaceutical companies or medical institutions.

Join us at MED Academy M/A Lithuania and experience a modern concept of knowledge presentation and acquisition that's perfect for ambitious, progressive, and curious medical professionals!

Iki pasimatymo mokymuose! – MED Academy Lietuva.